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The Studio

"A Perfect Setting for my pottery lesson and room for my creative inspirations"

A Perfect Setting for my pottery lesson and room for my creative inspirations.

My studio is very conveniently situated in my back garden and was once a garage/workshop. I had it renovated and insulated a few years ago and it now provides me with a great space for making and firing my pots.

I have 3 electric wheels (plus a portable version which is ideal for demo’s / fairs etc.), a pugmill (for recycling / reconstituting clay), and a blunger (for making casting slip) and casting bench which means I’m very well set up to make hand thrown or slip-cast ware. The benefit of having more than one wheel is that I can offer throwing lessons for couples or for friends at the same time (check out my lessons page)

There is a glazing and decorating room equipped with a spray booth, a compressor and a number of spray guns which enables me to apply multiple layers of glaze or ombre effects.

I can also straight dip / double dip or pour glazes. There are banding wheels and a good selection of brushes used for decorating.

There are 3 kilns – 2 electric and 1 gas. I really love using the gas kiln for the final glaze firing because I can influence the level of oxygen in the flame and thus create a so-called “reduction” atmosphere in the kiln. This reduction firing is how I achieve the beautiful copper red glaze colour.