glazing tall


"I love the rich reactive qualities of Stoneware glazes, especially Copper"

I make all my own glazes to recipes I’ve found or evolved over the years. Thus I have quite an extensive stock of ceramic raw materials such as Ball Clay, China Clay, Colemanite, Cornish Stone, Dolomite, Feldspar, Flint, Ilmenite, Nepheline Syenite, Quartz, Talc & Whiting plus a host of metal oxides which are used to create the colours.

The glaze is applied in a number of ways – spraying, dipping or pouring. I like to use several glazes together and this is best achieved with spraying.

I love the rich reactive qualities of Stoneware glazes (particularly when fired in a reduction atmosphere to over 1300C in my gas kiln). It’s a little more difficult to control but I love the effects that can be created – especially the Copper Red glazes!

For the most part I use metal oxides to decorate my pots applied by brush or sometimes by sponge.