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"How would you like to learn how to throw a pot?"

Here is your chance to get some one-on-one training.

I would recommend starting with a Taster Session which lasts approx. 90 minutes to see how you enjoy it before considering booking any more sessions / a course of lessons.

After this you can decide if you would like to take it further – perhaps making a block booking based on what you would like to achieve at the end of the course. I can help you to gain a better understanding of the process and show you how to improve and hone your throwing skills and technique.

I will tailor the content to suit your needs whether you are an absolute beginner or if you already have some pottery / throwing experience.



I can offer specific further training covering:

  • Post-Throwing Stages
    e.: Foot Turning / Handle Making & Application / Snibs & Spouts / Sprigging / Debossing
  • Glaze Preparation / Dealing with Raw Materials
  • Glazing – Dipping / Spraying Techniques
  • Decorating – Brush / Sponge Techniques
  • Kiln Firing – Packing / Firing Cycles / Reduction Process

Other than when I’m exhibiting at shows, I teach and make my own pots on alternate weeks.

Single Person Pottery Lessons

Please note that each session is approx. 90 minutes long (tea / coffee and biscuits provided).

One-to-one TrainingNumber of SessionsPrice per SessionTotal Price£ Saving% Saving
Taster Session1£50.00£50.00
3 Hour Course2£45.00£90.00£10.0010%
6 Hour Course4£40.00£160.00£40.0020%
9 Hour Course6£37.50£225.00£75.0025%
12 Hour Course8£35.00£280.00£120.0030%

Couple / Duos Pottery Lessons

I have several wheels and can teach you both at the same time. Please note that each session is approx. 90 minutes long (tea / coffee and biscuits provided).

Taster Session1£75.00£75.00--
3 Hour Course2£67.50£135.00£15.0010%
6 Hour Course4£60.00£240.00£60.0020%
9 Hour Course6£55.00£330.00£120.0026.7%
12 Hour Course8£52.50£420.00£180.0030%

Your First Throwing Session

During this first session you will be guided through the process of throwing cylindrical shapes and bowl shapes.

This will start with centering and opening up the clay to form the base, pulling the clay up to achieve maximum height/width before establishing the final shape.

Then we’ll go through the techniques for cutting and lifting the pot off the wheel. I would expect you to have successfully made a number of clay pots by the end of the session.

If you are ready to get started with your first throwing lesson, click the button below.

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And After Your First Lesson

In order to be able to take your pots home as finished pieces this will require a few more sessions.  This will allow you to experience the whole pottery process from: throwing, the intermediate drying needed before trimming, handle making/application, full drying, biscuit firing and then application of the glaze including some decorating, then the final glaze firing.

This will need a minimum of two more sessions spread over a 4-6-week period. This is simply the nature of the pottery making process allowing time for the drying to take place and having enough pots to fill the kilns etc.

Alternatively, I can finish your best pots on your behalf and let you know when they are ready for collection which will be several weeks after the session for the same reasons given above.

NB: there is a small charge for finished (glazed and fired) pots based on weight and size – please refer to matrix below for more details.  For example; a typical mug weighing 250gms would cost £4.38:

Charges for Finished Pots (Fired Size)

Standard size pots / kg£17.50
Tall pots > 11cm H / kg£20.00
Wide pots > 17cm D / kg£22.50
Large pots > 17cm D / 11cm H / kg£25.00

Buy a Gift Voucher

“Why not buy a Gift Voucher for a friend, family member or partner?   

*Gift vouchers can be redeemed for Lessons or Pots

I create the vouchers as jpeg files and email to you for printing off at home (I can post them to you if you don’t have access to a printer).  The vouchers are valid for up to 12 months from the date of issue.

Gift vouchers can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. Please click the button below to view my range of gift vouchers.