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"I blame it all on Barry Marks – my Head of Art at school"

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About Me

Throughout my working life I have managed to maintain my interest and practical skills in Studio Ceramics.

More recently I have been able to dedicate much more time to potting. I improved the studio – structurally and invested in some new equipment; most notably a new gas kiln which has enabled me to get back into high temperature reduction-fired ceramics which I find particularly exciting and quite challenging to control. I prepare all my own glazes and am enjoying developing some new and interesting finishes. I have a passion for making things that are functional yet at the same time have an aesthetic beauty and physical balance making them a joy to behold and to use.

I also enjoy teaching and offer a range of one to one or small groups lessons working in my studio. It’s wonderful to help people realise their dream of being creative and making their own pots.

Trevor Dyer

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Here is sample of the pots in my ceramics shop. Browse through more items for sale by clicking this link.

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Salt Pig

Hand-thrown Stoneware Salt Pig 16.5cm D / 13.5cm H Reduction fired with a Pale Blue / Off-White ombre effect decoration.


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Wall Plate

Hand-thrown Stoneware Wall Plate 30.5cm D / 3.5cm H Reduction fired with contemporary orbital decoration.


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Wall Plate

Hand-thrown Stoneware Wall Plate 35cm D / 4cm H Reduction fired with colourful abstract decoration.


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Contemporary Vase

Hand-thrown Stoneware Vase 11cm D / 17cm H Reduction fired with Sea Spray effect decoration.


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Scandi Vase

Hand-thrown Stoneware Vase 15cm D / 19.5cm H Reduction fired with Sea Spray effect decoration.


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Medium Open Vase

Hand-thrown Stoneware Vase 12cm D / 17.5cm H Reduction fired with Sea Spray effect decoration.


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Tall Stripe Bottle

Hand-thrown Stoneware Bottle 11.5cm D / 24cm H Reduction fired with multiple reactive glazes.


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Medium Scandi Bottle

Hand-thrown Stoneware Bottle 12cm D / 15cm H Reduction fired with a contemporary off-white glaze.


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Medium Oriental Bottle

Hand-thrown Stoneware Bottle 9cm D / 12.5cm H Reduction fired with a Sea Spray effect decoration.


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Oriental Tea Bowl

Hand-thrown Stoneware Tea Bowl 8.5cm D / 6.5cm H Reduction fired with iron orange / celadon reactive glaze.


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From The Gallery

Here is a sample of images from my gallery of pots from over the years. To see more, click here to visit the full gallery. Click any image below for a larger view.

Learn To Throw A Pot

Here is your chance to get some one-on-one training. I would recommend starting with a Taster Session which lasts approx. 90 minutes. I can tailor the content to suit your needs whether you are an absolute beginner or if you already have some throwing experience.

What People Have To Say

My best friend and I had a taster session with Trevor yesterday and we enjoyed every second. Trevor is a calm, patient teacher. We had lots of fun and left feeling peaceful and happy with what we had made. Thank you!

Jo Gibson 

My partner and I have been coming to Trevor for pottery lessons for nearly a year. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and is highly recommended if you're wanting to explore a new hobby. We always enjoy our sessions.

Jacklynne Clark 

Just completed an 8 week course with Trevor & I'm completely hooked.  Excellent facilities, fantastic teacher & I have made lots of not bad pots!!  Can't wait for the next 8 week course to start!!

Colleen Patermoster

Get in touch

If you have a question about a product in my ceramics shop or about booking a lesson, you are welcome to reach out to me through the website by clicking the button below.